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Join the Lambic club privileges club!

Date: 07 Февраля 2020

The lambic club privileges club is a cumulative program of discounts and bonuses in Brasserie Lambic restaurants and our other projects! Join the club by installing an electronic card and get discounts, bonuses, special offers and the opportunity to participate in prize draws!

You can download an electronic map by clicking on the link from your mobile device:

And you can also install our Brasserie Lambic mobile app — a convenient and easy way to find out news and special offers of restaurants, view the menu, book a table, install and use a privilege card, save purchase receipts, set a route to the nearest restaurant and much more.

Download the app:
on Android
on iOS

After installing the card for the first time, all guests receive 300 rubles to the bonus account!

Additionally there is a cumulative bonus system with the current account amount:

1 % from the first account until the purchase amount reaches 20000₽
2 % before reaching the purchase amount of 30,000₽
3 % until the purchase amount reaches 50,000₽
5 % before reaching the purchase amount of 100,000₽
7 % before reaching the purchase amount of 150,000₽
10 % until the purchase amount reaches 200,000₽
15 % until the purchase amount is reached 400,000₽
20 % after reaching the amount of purchases from 400,000₽

Bonuses can be used to pay no more than 20 % of the receipt.

Bonuses cannot be debited for Business lunch, special offers, wine or spirits.

To Deposit and withdraw bonuses, you must present a mobile device with a Lambic Club card and a unique code on it to the waiter.

It is forbidden to present a screenshot, photo, or card number that is not installed on the guest’s mobile device.

Bonuses can be accumulated and spent at any time. the validity of the loyalty program and its individual terms may be limited by the owner of the bonus program.

Bonuses are accumulated from all checks, except for checks with a 15% discount on the day of birth.

In receipts where the guest spends bonuses, accumulation occurs from the final amount minus the discount.

Bonus points and the amount of the accumulated purchases from all receipts with the exception of banquets.

Bonus points that the guest has not used within 1 calendar year will automatically expire.

Lambic club Privilege Club