Les 3 Fourquets brewery weeks in Lambic!

We continue the traditional promotion with an additional 10% cashback on selected Beers from our Atlas! This time we introduce you to a fairly young by Belgian standards brewery Les 3 Fourquets, which was founded in 2003. She chose the image of a wolf as her emblem. According to local Arden legend, they inhabited the area where the brewery is now located. It is located on a magnificent old farm of the 19th century, which is part of the landscape of the Ardennes. Historical records are sketchy, but it is known that these regions were inhabited by wolves in ancient times. And the line of beer itself is called quite predictably in honor of hops-lupulus, the Latin name of which-humulus lupulus-literally translates as"ordinary little wolf".

Lupulus Blanche Of 0.33. Alcohol: 4,5%
The taste is a combination of bitterness and sweetness, spicy and citrus shades. Notes of Apple, peach and banana, wheat, coriander and citrus.

Lupulus Hopera Of 0.33. Fortress: 6%
The aromas of exotic fruits are clearly felt thanks to the use of various aromatic hop varieties, and the Dry Hopped method only strengthens the aroma of this original Belgian ale.

Lupulus Organicus 0.33. Strength: 8.5%
Floral aromas, herbal notes and pleasant bitterness are clearly felt in the aftertaste. Brewed using Cascade hops grown in Belgium. The beer is bio-certified.

Lupulus Brune 0,75. Strength: 8.5%
Transparent body of light coffee color with a shimmering reflection. It differs from the classic dark ale with its soft character and light citrus notes in the aftertaste. Very nutritious and surprisingly refreshing dark ale.

Lupulus Ardennes Triple 0,75. Strength: 8.5%
Unfiltered craft triple from the foot of the Belgian Ardennes. It has a Golden-colored body, slightly cloudy, with a cap of ivory foam. Aromas of citrus and herbs. Tender bitterness with notes of thyme.

Try new varieties and discover new tastes in Lambic! The offer is valid in all Lambic restaurants until August 20, upon presentation of the Lambic Club e-card.
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